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True Color Back Protector for GILD design iPhone8Plus
Working together with CRYSTAL ARMOR we developed an exclusive model.
Together with the perfect shape and precise measurements
we are able to make the best tempered glass back protector for customers who uses GIlD design’s solid bumpers.

It become a highly functional and strong tempered glass back protector
by making the shape and measurements to have a relief between
the glass and the solid bumper to prevent the external impact to go directly to the glass.

[ Specifications ]
・Glass thickness - 0.33mm
・Fussode coat (anti-fingerprint coating)
・Round edge processing
・Pencil hardness - 9H
・Micro-fiber cloth included

*This is the same Crystal Armor product offered on the open market
Product no:42503
Product code:GI09-BP-TC-GLD
DHL Priority shipping
The standard shipping method to overseas is via EMS and the delivery time will take about a week to be delivered.
Shipping method can be change to DHL priority for additional charge of 1,500 JPY.
The ordered product will be delivered to the US within 2 days at minimum.
Customers who wish to have the item delivered sooner please use the DHL priority shipping.
Shipping rates
If the total amount of order is bellow 11,999JPY, we charge 2,000 JPY for the shipping.
If the total amount of order is more than 12,000JPY, we will carry the shipping fee.
Free shipping is not applied for orders that exceeds 12,000 JPY with DHL priority shipping fee of 1,500 JPY.
Customers who orders with a total amount below 11,999 JPY will be charge 2,000 JPY for shipping and 1,500 JPY
for DHL priority shipping if requested.

Please be sure to add your phone number on PayPal when using DHL Priority shipping.
We cannot process the shipping if this information is not included on the invoice.
Regarding on attaching the glass panel to iPhone 7, 7plus.
The dimensions of the glass cover can be attached on the iPhone7, 7plus. However, we recommend to use it on the iPhone 8, 8plus.
Please understand that any actions or troubles during the attachment to the iPhone 7,7plus will the customer’s self-responsibility.
Finally, please understand that due to the matte surface finish of the iPhone 7 and 7Plus the back will be blurry when the glass is attached.
・Please understand that we are not responsible for any breakage, or damage that may be caused by actions that were not suggested in this instruction.
・This product is designed for iPhone8.
・Please be aware that our company will not be responsible for any damage on your iPhone when using the case such as scratches, cracks on the screen, and data lost.
・This product is not made to protect the iPhone8 completely from all kinds of damage. Please notice that we will not be responsible for any breakage, loss, damage, or data loss of the iPhone.
・We might make changes on the case functions, appearance, or package contents without giving a notice.

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