Milled aluminum case for iPhone 6/6s the Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s debut.

It has been 4 and a half years since the iPhone3GS cases designed by Gild Design's development team went on sale in March 2010.
Our concept of protecting customers' smartphones has not changed since then.

With our latest iPhone 6 bumper product, we decided not to make any huge design changes. Instead, we designed this product as a natural evolution of our earlier products under the concept of making it easier to use and more protective.
To be more specific about what we mean by this, we want to provide customers with cases that give them the ability to operate their devices stress-free, and that also have a structure resistant to damage due to falls and bending.
For the first time, we actually brought iPhone 6 units to public institutions for device testing and carried out bend tests to confirm the superiority of Gild Design's bumpers.

The material used to make our cases is a pure duralumin alloy known as A2017 ― the same material used for aviation, spaceship, and racing parts.
We use A2017S duralumin manufactured by Furukawa Sky. This duralumin alloy is known for having the highest quality.

The four protruding corners on the Solid Bumper are not there just for simple aesthetic reasons.
They are an essential part of the protective design; designed to create an essential thickness necessary for absorbing shocks from the impact of falls.
The four protruding corners play a vital role in protecting your smart phone.

GILD design’s light weight, rigid cases are precision milled from pure duralumin to protect your iPhone 6/6s from shocks.

Solid Bumper for iPhone 6 strength test videos
1. The strength tests were conducted by using the Shimadzu Micro Autograph MST-1 (Micro Strain Tester) at a public research institute in Tokyo.
2. The iPhone 6 bends slightly with 30kg of pressure applied to it.
3. We then applied the same amount of pressure to an iPhone 6 with our bumper attached.
4. The iPhone 6 with the bumper does not bend with the same amount of pressure applied.
We often hear comments from our customers that "Gild Design's cases all have the same basic design with four protruding corners―their designs never really change."

Most of the time when a smartphone falls, it tilts and land on one of its four corners.
Ordinary aluminum cases have corners with a thickness uniform with that of the rest of the case. These carry a risk of deformation when dropped.

Our company ‘s cases are stress tested with 3DCAD, and we have conducted several drop tests. We think that actual drop test are of the utmost importance.
Our cases are designed to withstand being dropped several times without deforming.

Designing a case that protects and easy to use led us to using the aforementioned designs.

Gild Design's cases may not be fancy to look at. Attaching or removing them with the bolt may also take a bit of time.
However, we think providing users with stress-free operation and a build quality that resists damage due to falls and bending should be of primary importance in our designs.

We want to provide cases that will protect your phone for 2 years at the least ― Even if the case has been roughly used.
We pursued a case design that would be easy to hold without causing any discomfort when attached to the iPhone 6/6s.
We completed our design after repeated trial manufacturing runs in order to get this just right.
Our cases are designed not to interfere with the operability of any of the iPhone's main functions ― including the earphone jack, lightning cable, and volume button.
Our iPhone 5/5s cradles are also compatible with the iPhone 6/6s.
They can be used with the Solid Bumper attached.
Please note that Apple's genuine lighting cable for iPhone6s cannot be used with the Cradle(GI-301)
Our iPhone 6/6s cases also come equipped with a strap hole.
The strap is connected on the bottom left of the phone, so it will not interfere with the mouthpiece during phone conversations.
The cases can also be easily stored in your pocket.
The diameter of the attaching part of the earphone jack cover in the case is 8.5mm,
widely designed making it possible to Attach earphone jack covers that can buy on market, and our company’s aluminum earphone jack cover.
Optional color bolts set for iPhone 5/5S case can also be used to the iPhone 6/6s case.
Color variations
Silver Champagne Gold Titan
Black Red Polish

1 Special tool、5 Screws(1spare inciuded)
5 Shock absoebers、Instruction Manual



Blue Gray  
Product no.
Product name
Product code
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Silver
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Champagne Gold
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Titan
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Black
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Red
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Polish
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Blue
Solidbumper for iPhone6/6s Gray
The product is discontinued.
Tempered glass protective film for iPhone 6/6s produced by Glass Coating Development Division of Apeiros CO., Ltd, perfectly match the GILD design’s bumper. It is designed together since the development of GILD design’s bumper.

It is designed together since the development of GILD design’s bumper.
Because the edge of the iPhone 6/6s's LCD is round, ordinary bumpers end up creating a noticeable space between the bumper and the film. This interferes with the bumper's ability to protect the phone, and with aesthetics.
Gild Design's bumper and the Crystal Armor Tempered Glass LCD Protective Film are a perfect match. They fit together perfectly without creating any extraneous space between the bumper and the iPhone unit.

【What is Crystal Armor?】
Crystal Armor is an iPhone 6/6s tempered glass protective film produced by Apeiros Co., Ltd. ― a company developing touch panel glass coating technology. Crystal Armor's smoothness, anti-fingerprint effect, and very clear glass improve visibility and allow for the iPhone 6/6s to be used more comfortably. Crystal Armor also protects your screen against scratches due to everyday use and damage to the LCD screen from falls. This film offers the best of both worlds ― durability and operability ― at a thickness of just 0.33mm.

[ Specifications ]

・Glass thickness - 0.33mm
・Fussode coat (anti-fingerprint coating)
・Round edge processing
・Pencil hardness - 9H
・Micro-fiber cloth included

*This is the same Crystal Armor product offered on the open market

【Cautions in attaching the protective film】
In order to adjust where to place the protective film properly place only the display side of the case to the iPhone then attach the protective film.
If the film is attached before the case there will be possibilities that the film is not attach properly that cause crack or gap between the film and the display.
Product no.
Product name
Product code
Round edge crystal armor for iPhone6 /6s
The product is discontinued.
Protective back panels made of real, high quality leather. These panels were co-designed with Degner ― a company that makes leather racing suits and rider's jackets for motorcycle riders, in addition to bags. 6 different types of leather have been carefully selected and combined with aluminum to create these new-style mixed material cases.

These panels protect the back of your important iPhone 6/6s.
Color variations
White Natural Tan Brown
Dark Brown Black Blue
※Case is not included in this product.
Product no.
Product name
Product code
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s White
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Natural Tan
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Brown
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Dark Brown
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Black
Leather panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Blue
The product is discontinued.
Not only does this panel protect the back of your iPhone 6/6s, but the checkered back panel design offers a fun alternative to a standard aluminum case.

※These panels protect the back of your important iPhone 6/6s.
Color variations
SIlver and Black Silver Black
※Case is not included in this product.
Product no.
Product name
Product code
Ichimatsu Aluminum panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Silver&Black
Ichimatsu Aluminum panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Silver
Ichimatsu Aluminum panel for Solid Bumper for iPhone 6/6s Black
The product is discontinued.

・Please understand that we are not responsible for any breakage, or damage that may be caused by actions that were not suggested in this instruction.

・This product is made of Duralumin, which interrupts the signal from the back of the iPhone. It is possible that might lower the phone reception.

・This product is anodized. There are two dots that were not anodized on the inside of the case. These are the electrical connection places that will not catch the color during the anodizing process, and it is not a defect.

・This product is designed for iPhone6/6s.

・This product is not made to protect the iPhone5/5s completely from all kinds of damage. Please notice that we will not be responsible for any breakage, loss, damage, or data loss of the iPhone.

・By using silicone shock absorber sheets, our product is designed to prevent the iPhone and the aluminum case from touching each other, and it is not designed to protect the iPhone from all damage.

・・Please be aware that our company will not be responsible for any damage on your iPhone when using the case such as scratches, cracks on the screen, and data lost.

・We might make changes on the case functions, appearance, or package contents without giving a notice.

・There are possibilities that chargers and earphones that are made by companies other than apple cannot be used. (The diameter of the earphone jack is 8.5mm)

・Any protection film under 0.2mm can be used. However, depending on the type of the film there will be possibilities that the film make a gap between it and the screen.

・This case is made of aluminum! Please be careful on the sharp edges when installing the case.

・There is a top and bottom in this product. Please be sure that the circular cut on the case will go to the earphone jack side.

・After putting the wrench firmly into the screw, please fasten it with the right amount of force to prevent the screw from breaking.

・Please note that as the characteristics of anodizing, it is difficult to produce the same color. There are possibilities that color differs from the image due to the production lot

The design concept of GILD design
“Keep the necessary, scrap the unnecessary”

The core of GILD design is in design and production of auto racing parts for two wheeled vehicles. Both optimal strength and maximum weight reduction is sought in professional racing.
The craft of keeping the necessary and scrapping the unnecessary is applied to the smartphone cases made by GILD design.

Where “Beauty” Meets “Utility”

For example, the reasoning behind the bulged four corners of our smartphone cases does not only lie in the design.
The design itself is optimized to the “necessary” thickness in order to absorb the impact when a device is dropped.
The craft and experience cultivated in designing and producing auto racing parts is applied to our product creation.

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