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This product has the concept of "protecting Apple Watch ruggedly".
Uses aluminum alloy case cut from sturdy high-strength duralumin
It is also used in airplane and bicycle parts.

The material used for the product is made by Furukawa Sky (UACJ)
A major manufacturer of aluminum in Japan.
Duralumin raw material (A2017) is milled using a precision machining center.
Not only the materials but also everything from packaging to surface treatment is made in Japan.

The "Made in Japan" thorough policy gives you the confidence to deliver high quality.
AppleWatch case that customers can trust.

Experience high quality with reliable products from Japan.
Smooth Our pursuit of usability
If a gap is created between the body of the watch and the case and
it hits the stairs' handrail, etc.,
it's designed to keep your Apple Watch's body from getting hurt.
Protect your precious Apple Watch.
It not only has a comfortable screen operation,
the crown button part is moderately cut out,
and it doesn't spoil the operability.
This duralim case weighs 10.5 g and has four titanium screws that weigh 0.15 g. It's far and away more lightweight than typical protective cases. It has been tested with a Shimadzu universal
testing machine that applied a vertical load.
The results were that it was
able to bear up to 7300N (around 730 kg).
The Apple Watch and the case do not touch directly.
It relieves shocks with a special elastomer material.
What happens if an elephant steps on the Apple Watch case?
We went to Thailand to try it out.
As expected, a five ton elephant can step on it.
Regarding the WIFI、3G、4G、Bluetooth、GPS、NFC, etc.
(When an aluminum panel is attached the conditions are the same as the Solid case. )
Apple Pay , NFC There are no problem using Apple pay,NFC, for both Solid bumper. *1
Wifi There are no problem using wifi for both Solid bumper. *1
Bluetooth There are no problem using Bluetooth for both Solid bumper. *1
GPS There are no problem using GPS for both Solid bumper. *1
LTE (Cell phone only) There are no problem using LTE for both Solid bumper. *1
*1 Due to the characteristics of the product, since the product is made of aluminum,
the radio wave is completely blocked and the radio wave reception performance may be slightly inferior.
If you use the case in a place with poor reception in the first place,
signal reception may be further reduced.
However, there is no problem if the reception is good.
Product details

【Accessory Details】
Solidbumper for Apple Watch body 1pc, Shock absorber 1pc,
color variations
Silver Black
Champagne gold Gray
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・It cannot be used with the Apple Watch Edition Series 5 ceramic model.

・Product specifications, appearance, and included items are subject to change without prior notice.

・It is not possible to use an off-brand charger.

・It is not possible to use an off-brand replacement band.

・The Apple Watch band cannot be removed with this product attached.

・It's possible to install a commercial LCD screen protective film with a thickness of less than 0.2 mm.
However, even if the thickness is less than 0.2mm, it is possible that flaws such as air bubbles and looseness can occur depending on the installation
method and the type of film. If it is less than 0.2 mm, there is no guarantee that it can be installed properly. Please note this beforehand.