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This product has a concept of "Usable from the time you entered your company until retirement!",
and uses aluminum alloy case cut from solid high-strength duralumin
that is also used in airplane and bicycle parts.

The material used with the product are made by Furukawa Sky(UACJ)
a leading manufacturer of aluminum in Japan.
The raw material of Duralumin (A2017) are milled using a precise machining center.
Not only the materials but from the packaging to surface processing are all made in Japan.

The thoroughness policy of “Made in Japan” gives us the confidence that we can provide a high quality
ID Card case to the customers that they can surely trust.

We would like you to experience high quality by using a trusted product from Japan.
Smooth Our pursuit of usability
The ID case designed with a U-shaped
section that is surprisingly light but has high rigidity,
and will not deform with regular use.
The weight of the Duralumin ID case is 11g,
this light weight is far from comparison to regular leather ID cases
The insertion slot's form has also been revised many times over,
so that the card can easily be taken in and out smoothly in one action.
If it's a card with the general thickness, you can put in one room admission card (ID card),
one transportation card, and one security card can be inserted without any strain.
Inside, it comes in a set with a special leaf spring so the card is constantly held in check with a fixed strength. Coming off from the card case, and rattling within the case is suppressed. The attached strap is reliably made in Japan,
has a security means, and adjustable length.
The case can be dismountable with a single button press,
and can also be used as a name tag.
In order to prevent errors when using both
a room admission card, and transportation cards like a Suica,
it comes with a malfunction prevention card as a standard.
(All errors cannot be prevented).
A transparent card that prevents the ID card
from being scratched is also included.

For managers and general affair employees,
we accept the addition of names like company logos from MOQ10.
The color of the case can be other than the lineup.
We will make your company's ID case in corporate color.
Price will vary depending on quantity and specifications.
Please contact info@gilddesign.com.
Product details
【Vertical type】96.8mm×59.9mm×4.6mm、weight:11g
【Horizontal type】64.7mm×91.7mm×4.6mm、weight:11g

【Accessory Details】
ID card case body 1pc, card protection film 2 pcs, malfunction prevention card 1 pc, strap 1 pc
Horizontal type color variations
Silver Black
Brown Red
Gray Blue
Horizontal type Color
Vertical type Color variations
Silver Black
Brown Red
Gray Blue
Vertical Color
Regarding postage

*For DHL
If the total value of your order is 11,999 yen or less, you will be charged 2,500 yen for shipping.
If the total value of your order is 12,000 yen or more, you will be charged 1,500 yen for shipping.

Please be sure to add your phone number on PayPal when using DHL Priority shipping.
We cannot process the shipping if this information is not included on the invoice.
Please place your order after reading and agreeing with the notes below.

Please read carefully the following before making an order.

We will send a notification regarding the date of delivery individually by email.

The shipment will be in the order as we received them. However, Order colors, and mixed color cases will take time to prepare, this might change the shipping order.

Before making an order please be sure to set your mail to receive messages from info@gilddesign.com.

When the order is complete an auto reply message will be send to you. If you cannot receive the message, please contact info@gilddesign.com after setting the domain.
・ This product is exclusively designed for 54mm × 85.6mm × 0.76mm size cards.

・ The thickness of the card holder (where card will be inserted) of the ID card case is 3.3 mm.

・ If you insert and remove the card frequently, it may rub against the case, and the card could be damaged.

・ When removing or inserting cards, please take them out them one by one. If you try to remove more than one card at a time, the card and case may get scratched and damaged.

・ The thickness of each card varies depending on the embossing (protuberance) of letters and numbers, so please do not force insertion as it will lead to damages on the card.

・ Please note beforehand that we cannot take any responsibility for scratches on the card caused by the use of this product, and insertion and removal.

-Due to the properties of alumite treatment, it is difficult to finish with the same color for each batch of products.
We strive to complete them with the same color as much as possible, but the color varies depending on the batch due to the alumite processing.

・ We make an effort to make the product photo as close as possible to the actual color, but difference in the colors may be experienced due to the monitor and color settings of the PC used by the customer, indoor lighting, sunlight, etc.