GILD Design announces the release of the "Solid bumper for AirTag" case machined from duralumin
ILD Design is launching an AirTag case machined from duralumin.
This special model is designed under the concept of a case that protects your AirTag,
and features a titanium carabiner to carry it around in style.
The case is machined from strong and durable duralumin, an aluminum alloy used in aircraft and automotive parts.

The aluminum alloy A2017S is by Furukuawa-Sky Aluminum (currently, UACJ Corporation),
and features durability while offering superior machinability.

The included single-piece carabiner is laser-cut from a block of pure titanium.

Commitment to meticulous manufacturing techniques gives us the confidence to deliver
high quality products that customers can use with confidence.
We encourage you to experience the high quality afforded only by using trusted materials.
Product Details
This product uses duralumin but features an open design that exposes the AirTag's front, back, and sides to minimize attenuation of the AirTag's sound and radio waves.
In actual tests, detection sensitivity and sound levels were virtually identical to an uncased AirTag.
This product is machined from a 5-mm thick piece of duralumin.
Both sides of the encased AirTag can be laid on a flat surface without ever touching.
Your precious AirTag is always protected.
The standard supplied fastening bolts are made of stainless steel.
You can also customize it with our colored bolt set.
The carabiner is made of pure titanium and will not rust beyond the oxide film that forms on the surface. The rotating parts are fitted with O-rings for resistance against loosening.
Available in matching colors with our Solid Bumper cases. Easily attaches to handbags, backpacks, etc. (Only the carabiner is made in China)
Attenuation of radio waves
Through its guidelines, Apple Incorporated instructs accessory manufacturers not to conceal the periphery with metal.
While this product is made of duralumin, we have exposed the AirTag's front, back, and sides as much as possible to ensure minimal attenuation of sound and radio waves.
Through repeated real-world tests numerous times, we have confirmed that the detection sensitivity and sound are virtually identical to an uncased AirTag.
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Red Gray
Matt Green Matt Blue
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Product number Model number JAN Code Product name Price
49356 GT-430 4522285493569 Solid bumper for Air Tag Silver 3,000‰~
49357 GT-431 4522285493576 Solid bumper for Air Tag Black 3,000‰~
49358 GT-432 4522285493583 Solid bumper for Air Tag Red 3,000‰~
49359 GT-433 4522285493590 Solid bumper for Air Tag Gray 3,300‰~
49360 GT-434 4522285493606 Solid bumper for Air Tag Matt Green 3,000‰~
49361 GT-435 4522285493613 Solid bumper for Air Tag Matt Blue 3,000‰~
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Product Warnings
yPlease read and accept these warnings before purchasing this product.z

E The carabiner opens approximately 4-mm wide.
It cannot be attached to rings or other objects thicker than this.

E Opening the carabiner repeatedly with force will weaken the closing force.

EPlease be aware that our company will not be responsible for any scratches on your iPhone when using the case.

EThis product is made of metal. Some parts are sharp so please handle it with care.

EPlease note that as the characteristics of anodizing, it is difficult to produce the same color.
There are possibilities that color differs from the image due to the production lot

EThis product is made of Duralumin, which interrupts the signal from the back of the iPhone.
It is possible that might lower the phone reception.

E Although we have done our best to reproduce the actual product colors in these photos,
colors may appear different due to indoor lighting conditions and sunlight,
including the brightness and color settings of your PC monitor.
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