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Solid for iPhone4S,iPhone4
With the GILD"solid"iPhone is Protected
iPhone4,iPhone4S solid
GI-200R GI-200R GI-200S GI-200S GI-200B GI-200B GI-200T GI-200T GI-200G GI-200G GI-200BL GI-200BL GI-200P GI-200P
Solid for iPhone4S,iPhone (GI-200)
GI-200R Red【discontinued】
GI-200S Silver【discontinued】
GI-200T Titan 【discontinued】
GI-200G Champagune Gold 【discontinued】
GI-200P Polish 【discontinued】
Solid for iPhone4 iPhone4S details
GILDdesign "SOLID"iPhone4&4S aluminum cover details
Solid for iPhone4,iPhone4S cover & White body:color images.
GI-200B GI-200R GI-200T GI-200S
GI-200P GI-200PI GI-200G